Gyms, fitness centres, yoga, pilates and UFC centres are all cleaned with unique checklists tailored to your needs.


Gyms, Indoor high pressure floor cleaning machines, air conditioning cleaning, wall cleaning and spring cleaning

Strata & Real Estate

Maintenance of shared residence, move in and move out, windows, gardens and even hotels are all serviced.


We can maintain offices 1 day to 31 days per month at any budget you require. This also includes detail cleans, ledges air vents etc.


Our favourite places to clean. We can boost your sales with a clean and fresh environment for your customers every day

Professional Cleaners in Sydney

Leave your space sparkling clean with our cleaning service at Keen2Clean4U. Offering our expertise of over 15 years experience we have learnt how to be efficient and affordable to leave any office space, retail shop, gym, and real estate property looking fresh.

Our team of Professional Cleaners in Sydney are young, motivated and full of energy which means we get the job done right the first time! This makes for a cheaper quote and allows you the space to get to more important tasks. We only hire the most capable employees to ensure that our cleaning services remain at the high standard that customers are familiar with. At Keen2Clean4U, our professional cleaners in Sydney strives to ensure that your space remains comfortable, meaning every surface shiny, disinfected and smelling fresh. With over 15 years experience in the business, we maintain our title as Sydney’s Favourite Commercial Cleaning Service.

Our specialised Gym Cleaning

In a space that promotes healthy living and maintenance, you want your patrons to feel at ease when using your equipment. At Keen2Clean4U, we can ensure that your high traffic fitness centre will always maintain a fresh and hygienic atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable when training. Daily, weekly or choose your own days, our team tackles all stains, germs, dust and odours commonly seen across gyms to ensure that the area is left safe to use. We are also able to help with any extensions of the gym facilities, including toilets, offices, and change rooms. Be sure to maintain your status as a clean and safe gym, and call our team today. Our skills are also transferrable to a full range of spaces, including offices, homes, shops, real estate properties, and more.

Contact us today

In order to discuss how we can help you, as well as understand our full list of services, you can contact our team today. Simply call us on 1300 798 801, or send any enquiries to For the best detailed and comprehensive clean, look no further than Keen2Clean4U. Priding ourselves not only on our industry knowledge but more importantly our exceptional customer service. We are the affordable and trustworthy cleaning business in Sydney that would love to work with you.